Summer is fast approaching and all you want is to improve your worn, drab and cracked concrete pool deck. But, how would you do it? What necessary repairs should be done? As long as your pool’s concrete deck is still in good condition, there are a lot of options you can repair the deck of your pool as well as make it more pleasant to the eyes. Depending on your budget and concrete’s condition, repair project can usually range from a basic color enhancement through coat of stain application to total resurfacing using a decorative overlay.

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Before starting any repair project on your pool deck, the first and most essential step is to identify what caused the damage. After that, try to determine the best repair process for solving certain problem. For best results, you can remove all concrete that are unsound and then fill in noticeable cracks prior to completing the repair process. If your pool deck is settling or not sloped, you will also need to re-level the surface as well as divert the water runoff. In this article, you will be able to learn the most common repair projects made to improve a pool deck.

  1. Complete Resurfacing

Whenever your pool deck is experiencing scaling, spalling or cracking, the best solution to the problem is to resurface it using micro topping or a concrete overlay. Aside from covering up the existing flaws in your pool deck, resurfacing will also upgrade your pool’s look by letting you add color, pattern and texture according to your preference. Some systems are specifically designed for pool deck resurfacing, as well as to improve the pool deck surface slip resistance and heat reflection.

  1. Concrete Engraving

For those concrete pool decks with minor discoloration or cracking, you can disguise the concrete flaws completely by engraving or cutting a certain pattern in the concrete’s surface. Depending on your chosen pattern, the concrete’s flaws can actually contribute to the overall appearance. The first step in the engraving process is to stain the concrete first, and then a special machine for routing is used in order to cut your desired pattern into the concrete’s surface, creating false grout lines.

  1. Recoloring

Even though most color hardeners, concrete stains, integral pigments as well as other coloring methods are wear resistant and long lasting; the surface will still reduce its color if you tend to neglect it. As a matter of fact, discoloration of concrete pool decks are usually a result of a number of causes including sun exposure, weathering, improper and unprofessional application of color, as well as attack by chemicals from or added to the pool. Fortunately, in most cases, the color of the concrete pool deck can be revived through the application of water based stain or a new coat of acid. By protecting the concrete pool deck with a good sealer and through using a staining product that is UV-resistant, your newly colored concrete pool deck should be able to maintain its beautiful appearance for many years.

Whatever your pool deck repair project is, make sure that you only hire a professional phoenix pool deck repair company to get the job done right the first time.